5 Responses to “Keep Your Family Safe This Christmas”

  1. Dale Pontoon says:

    Some nice tips here, thanks for sharing.

    I think its a good idea to stress the importance of health and safety at Xmas time. Many people forget that just because its a time for staying in with family that safety isn’t an issue, when it often it is more important than normal.

    As you mention above there is so many more hazards with all of the lights and decorations on the tree, and the dangers that Xmas lights bring. Not to mention the ever present risk of drunk drivers.

    Great article. I just hope people pay attention to it!

    - Dale

  2. And make sure that all smoke detectors are working too, and that you’ve got circuit breakers on lights, and turn them off at night, and look out for pets…..

    Oh, there is so much to look out for. Just do it and have a safe Xmas!

  3. jason walker says:

    Another point that should be added to this excellent article is the importance of keeping the home secure and away from the prying eyes of opportunists.

    Keep window locks locked, door chains on and a timer switch on lights if you go out.

    And have a good, safe and happy Christmas!

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