4 Responses to “2009/10 UK Workplace Fatal Injury Statistics”

  1. Lee Johnston says:

    Doesn’t the reduction in the fatality incidence rate justify the present controls on health and safety and make the governments current stance look foolish?

  2. 42 fatal injuries in construction is still not good enough. Although that there has been a 32% decrease, more should be done to get construction deaths even lower.

  3. Mike Adams says:

    Even thought there has been a decrease 42 fatal injuries still sounds very high to me, everything possible should be done to reduce this figure even more.

  4. You still hear of small contractors taking crazy and unnecessary risks while working at height. The one that is coming up a lot just recently, climbing onto the pitched roofs of domestic and commercial properties from a ladder and walking around totally unguarded, no scaffold tower, scaffolding or edge protection. These figures will rise no doubt.

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